Well that didn’t take long did it?

The making a huge promise to myself and others and I broke it. I haven’t posted anything since March and have been just not keeping any of the promises to myself since I got back to work. Speaking of work it’s been a hell of a ride since I went back.

Long days, lonely, sleepless nights and lots of crying. Crying because I was alone, crying because I missed my son, crying because I love this job and don’t want to have nothing if I were to give it up. I finally made it to the company I’d been dying to work for and now I think about giving it up?

I have always prided myself in how hard I’ve worked, the obstacles I have barged through, and the success I’ve had in certain areas of my life. Now it seems like everything I have done has lead up to this moment of being a mother, a girlfriend, a dog mom and nothing is the same.

I long to be with them when I’m away. I am pained by exploring new countries, cities and towns when I don’t get to share it with my family. I am burdened by being a slave to my phone constantly manipulating my schedule to work for myself, the sitter, our family. I am saddened that I get to take people to their destinations at the cost of my mental health, Absense and